Intelligent curve toothbrush

New bended shape of manual toothbrushes to performs effortless and more efficient oral hygiene, compared to other common shape on the market.

Strengths: 100% of cleaning power on all the gums and teeth surfaces.

Benefits clinically tested and published on the International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

Brand on the market

We invest resources and provide the customers with innovative and performing products to increase their market share

The CURVE toothbrush is perfect for the way dentists and hygienists recommend cleaning your teeth thanks to its patented forward curvature, i.e. the Bass brushing method, which entails brushing from gum to tooth

  • High-density soft deep cleaning bristles with 4,554 filaments
  • Patented curve for an even clean from the incisors to the molars
  • Soft rubber ridges for cleaning the tongue
  • Made with the innovative bacteriostatic S.C.P. Always 100% active
  • Practical travel toothbrush cover