The Product

TidyAIR interdental brush was conceived in collaboration with Italian dental hygienists through a pool aimed at collecting data on the proximal brush users’ needs.

Teamwork with these professionals has allowed to optimize the ergonomics of the shape and choose materials that have the best performance to meet the demands of the market.

Advantages of TidyAIR shape

  • Easy to store, ready to hold → comfort
  • Air-sanitized bristles → increased hygiene
  • Ergonomic grip → designed for the fingers

Vertical-resting interdental brush, created by dental hygienists

Clinical benefits

Thanks to its ergonomic shape, TidyAIR is comfortable to hold and stays clean. A smart interdental brush that combines two pluses and the ability to be bent at 90°.

According to the results of a survey carried out in Italian clinics, the vertical-resting position satisfies a large number of users of interdental brushes, from health-conscious shoppers to those who appreciate an orderly bathroom (93% approval rating on 571 patients tested).

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Marketing points

  • Growing product-segment
  • Foldable Neck, up to 90°
  • USP, competitive costs
  • Benefits which do not duplicate other SKUs
  • Innovation easily identified by the shopper through the packaging

Quality and Safety according to the International Standard of Manual interdental brushes

  • DuPont TYNEX® Nylon Filament
  • Metallic plastic-coated wire
  • Pioneering handle soft resin (hardness 59 Shore; food grade)
  • Brush pull-force testing > 15N (ISO16409:2016)
  • ISO 13485 accredited manufacturer

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