Open innovation

Problem solving skill focused on improving clinical efficacy and strengthening the competitiveness of oral hygiene items.

Our cooperative approach to better compete in the market avoids development costs for the client and allows him a rapid time-to-market.

B2B - Private Label enhancers

Investing, minimizing the hazardous

Increase the performances of a product on the market, by protecting it with new patented solutions, is the safer way to success.

We renew the item, making it more efficient and easily distinguishable.

Intellectual property

Defending what makes one item better than another, increases its value on the market, allows to be the only one to offer a benefit for years, and blocks any counterfeiting.

Since 2010, Eliaga Srl operates in the fields of Innovation and Intellectual Property rights.

Our IP protection assets are Patents, EU/design, US/design and Slogan, registered at UIBM, EPO, EUIPO and WIPO offices, for a territorial extension which include Europe; United States of America and China.