Headquartered in Italy, Eliagaergonomics is a B2B enterprise specialized in innovation applied to the ergonomics of objects. Our core business focuses on the Industrial Property rights aimed at oral hygiene market players. Thanks to the twenty-year experience of the team, Ee's goal is to conceive exclusive effective products for global companies. 

Corporate Skills

  • Restyling of oral hygiene products by improving functionality and performance.
  • Meet the end-users needs with unique fresh ideas.
  • Protect the product from plagiarism with territorial patents


  • Applied research on oral care devices.
  • Design industrial goods, starting from IP protected innovative ideas able to differentiate themselves from competition in terms of ergonomics, effectiveness, technology, commercial strengths, ease of use.
  • Provide exclusive licenses of original products (USP).

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Eliaga's projects stem from inside-dental-clinic observation of people's oral hygiene habits

Ideas start in the field

The network we rely on is made up of dental hygienists, innovators, IP consultant, engineers, 3D graphic designers, high-quality suppliers; all professionals connected in a joint network to seek new market demands.

The cooperation path runs through four sequential main steps:

  1. Search of patient’s needs
  2. Problem solving (study + devise)
  3. Patentability analysis
  4. Product development

Why work with us

The enhanced effectiveness of our products, strengthens brand positioning and boosts customer sales volumes. We offer an ongoing support which enables Oral Care Companies to get rapid time to market, saving time and development costs to renew its labelled products. Every detail is customized so that the customer's product benefits don't duplicate other SKUs on the shelf.

First milestone

2010, Eliaga created its first oral care item based on a clinical study conducted by Alessio Battaglia aimed at improving the performance of manual toothbrushes (publ. on Int. Jour. of Dent. Hygiene). Initially launched in Italy, the innovative curved toothbrush design is currently sold under a well-known oral care Italian brand and distributed in European countries. The collaboration is moving forward with the realization of a new concept electric toothbrush, the first and unique one able to perform gum-to-teeth mechanical brushing (scheduled launch 2023).

Product assets

  • Efficient curved manual toothbrush
  • Innovative concept of electronic toothbrush
  • Ergonomic manual-toothbrush-handle design
  • StandUp interdental brushes

Products in pipeline

  • More effective arrangement of the bristles for manual toothbrushes
  • New soft-pick generation
  • Smart dental floss

Intellectual Property assets

  • 5 international patents
  • 7 designs (US; EUIPO)
  • 3 registered payoff (slogans)

About Alessio Battaglia

Oral care products maker with more than 20-years’ experience in the field of Industrial Property Rights and dental clinics.

Member of UNID (Italian National Union of Dental Hygienists), clinical research author on the International Journal of Dental Hygiene.

Eliaga Srl founder & CEO.