What makes us different

We don’t invent objects

Eliaga ergonomics deals with improving the efficiency of the human-instrument system, through the analysis of the essential requirements: materials, safety, adaptability, ease of use, pleasantness, comfort, and performance.

Each of these characteristics is compared with the articles on the market. Our task is to understand how they affect the activity of the person and the functionality of things: the result leads to the creation of new shapes, targeted to enhance product ergonomics level and user satisfaction.

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Think Tank

  • Competitor weaknesses
  • Competitors defects
  • Boost efficacy
  • USP’ development

3D Design

  • Customer demands
  • 3D functional prototype
  • Materials
  • Dimensions


  • High-tech supply
  • International certifications

Patent Process

  • Patentability searches
  • Esteem and evaluation
  • Nda
  • Patent filing

Our Company

Eliaga Srl is a B2B enterprise, founded in 2010 by Alessio Battaglia (HQ: Bologna, Italy).

The company is specialized in innovation applied to the ergonomics of objects, whose core business focuses on the Industrial Property Rights aimed at oral hygiene market players.

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Smart products

Eliaga’s projects stem from inside-dental-clinic observation of people’s oral hygiene habits. All the products are USP, protected by industrial property rights.


The new curved shape spacing further apart than conventional the bristles and the handle

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Interproximal cleaning

Designed with a rest base that makes homelife easier and more hygienic

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Projects in pipeline

Improved arrangement of the bristles, New soft-pick generation, Smart dental floss

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